Friday, 10 June 2016

Football Fever

I'm very excited about tonight's kick-off, but did you know that you can customise your nails to show your support too? The first mixed mani set is called Striker and the second one is called Soccer. There's no England flag, but you can show your support for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (sadly no Scotland team this time). If you are worried that we may exit at the group stage, can I suggest a couple of accent nails rather than the whole hog? But if the whole hog is more your thing,  have a look at this fantastic jamicure (thank you, Stephanie Butters!)

I love it! Sporty related wraps can be found here. Don't forget we also have Wimbledon to look forward to (we have the fabulous Match Point jams) All kinds of flag wraps are here.

At the moment I also have an exciting give-away for you. If you order three wraps and get a fourth free, I will also send you a free pedi pack, so you can have flip-flop ready toe nails! Have a great weekend, April x